Traditional Czech Dishes You Must Try

The Czech cuisine is absolutely amazing. It is extremely varied and very tasty. If you ever visit the Czech Republic then you must go to a traditional restaurant in order to try what this country has to offer in terms of food. We will show you in the following what are the traditional Czech dishes you must try so that you know exactly what to order at the restaurant.

Roast Duck

There is no other cuisine in the world with so many dishes that contain duck as the main ingredient. Duck can be found in most restaurants, but there is a special location that we would like to mention in this article, and also highly recommend it to you, and that is U Bansethu situated in the Nusle district. Here, you will eat the most delicious and juicy duck filled with dumplings and sauerkraut. Combine this amazing dish with fresh Pilsner for a combo that certainly has everything.

Fried Cheese

Fried cheese is also very traditional in the Czech Republic and you must not forget to try it. This classic Czech vegetarian dish doesn’t contain any type of vegetables, it is actually fried and it defies any notion of seasonality. In order to try the best-fried cheese in town, you should head over to Lokal, Prague. Furthermore, for a modern update on the classic recipe, try the fried cheese slider at Maso a Kobliha.


This traditional Czech dish taste amazing. Svickova is served in all restaurants and especially on very important events such as weddings, Sunday family lunches, and so on. The best version of Svickova can be eaten at Na Pekarne, in the beautiful village Cakovicky, situated just outside Prague.


This dish can actually be found in all restaurants across the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hungarian version is soupy whereas the Czech one is a thicker stew served with dumplings. Even though we all know what a goulash is, every pub has its own specific recipe that can vary. It can either be spicy from paprika or it can be very sweet from tomato paste. This dish is something that you can always rely on in case you walk into a restaurant and you don’t like what’s on the menu. If you visit Prague, then right in the centre of the city you will find Mincovna restaurant where you can also try a fresh Pilsner.


If you want something sweet and traditional then you should go for Buchty, the sweet yeast dough buns. Czechs eat them for breakfast and as a snack as well. They prepare these buns at home as well, especially during Christmas. Again, if you are visiting Prague, then for the best buns go to EMA Espresso bar, a very lovely and welcoming espresso bar. Just make sure you arrive early in the morning but they tend to sell them quite quick.


Kremrole is one of the most popular Czech pastries and it is basically cream in a roll. It is quite similar to the Italian version, cannoli. However, the Czech recipe contains flasky pastry and soft meringue cream. For the best Kremrole visit the Kulatak farmers market located at the Dejvicka subway stop.

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