Restaurants to Try in Slany, Czech Republic

Where can you eat the best food in Slany, Czech Republic? If you want to have a perfect holiday here then you need to make sure you go to some excellent locations. That’s why we are here, to offer you some help in order to make sure you will make the right decision. Here are the best restaurants to try in Slany, Czech Republic.


This restaurant/bar is a very modern place with a wonderful looking. The food is excellent and the range of drinks is huge. There are plenty of cocktails to choose from, alcohol, and soft drinks. In terms of prices, we can say that they are quite affordable. In case you plan a night out here on Friday or Saturday, then you must not forget to book a table in advance as it is usually very busy.

Antosova Krcma

This restaurant is absolutely great from all points of view. It has very tasty food, affordable prices, extremely pleasant atmosphere, and a very friendly staff. What else could you wish from a restaurant?! Therefore, if you plan to visit Slany or you are already there, then you should not miss this location.


Another restaurant you must go to in Slany is Zimak. This location is incredible. It is very welcoming and pleasant. The menu has Czech traditional dishes as well as international food. Furthermore, in case you are a vegetarian then you must not worry because you can find here vegetarian meals as well, which taste very nice. If you have a look at the restaurant’s website you will see exactly what it has to offer so that you know exactly if it suits you or not. However, we are pretty sure that you will absolutely love it.


If you want to try something traditional then you need to visit Tovarna. Here, the Czech dishes taste amazingly nice. This place is actually a reconstructed old factory into an amazing restaurant with spirit. There is also a garden where you can enjoy a delicious dish while watching the beautiful sky. If you get to this place then you must certainly try the 23-degree Quad Rupel, a traditional drink, rich, dark, and full of taste. The staff is incredibly friendly, tentative, and helpful. We guarantee that your entire experience at Tovarna will be absolutely lovely.


Letna is an excellent garden restaurant for family lunch and friend dinner as well. You can enjoy modern Czech cuisine, amazing lemonades, and very good beer. If you want you can also have some appetizers with your drink. If you want to take your kids to dinner with you then the good news is that there is a playground and also children chairs.

When planning a holiday it is also important to know exactly what good restaurants are in that specific location, in our case, Slany. We hope that our article will be very useful for you and for anyone who plans to visit this beautiful part of the Czech Republic. We guarantee that you will love any of the above restaurants.

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