Have a Perfect Holiday in the Czech Republic

If you want a holiday in a location with lots of history and a charming atmosphere, then we highly recommend you the Czech Republic. There are plenty of amazing attractions to see and lots of interesting and fun things to do. We will show you in the following how to have a perfect vacation in the Czech Holiday.

Visit the Beautiful City of Prague

There is no doubt that Prague is a very romantic city, and therefore an excellent place for couples. Furthermore, if you love visiting places with lots of history then you must certainly add Prague to your to-do list. Not only you will have lots of amazing attractions to visit, but you will have the chance to try some delicious traditional dishes and also see how Czech people have fun. The architecture of the buildings is quite impressive and with an interesting history behind.

Go To Kutna Hora

If you have time to visit another city apart from Prague, then you must definitely go to Kutna Hora. This place is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This location is 80 kilometres away from the capital, and it was once home to one of Europe’s leading silver mines. Highlights here include the amazing Baroque St. Barbara’s Cathedral which was built in 1338, the Czech Museum of Silver where are some splendid exhibits about the medieval mining industry, and the Stone House. This is not everything because tourists can also visit the city’s old mint, which is housed in the beautiful Italian Court, the palace of Bohemian King Vaclav IV, and the Gothic Sedlec Ossuary.

You Must See the Bohemian Paradise

If you really want to see some stunning landscapes then you must see one of the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic, Easter Bohemia which is actually home to the superb Bohemian Paradise. This location of outstanding natural beauty is extremely popular all over the world due to its large number of massive rock formations, formed over thousands of years of erosion by the elements. The Bohemian Paradise is today a UNESCO Geopark, and it draws hikers and sightseers from across Europe. Once you get here you will see amazing sandstone hills, massive natural bridges, and very tall basalt columns, all of them accessible by a network of trails and scenic drives.  We recommend you to start your amazing adventure in the town of Turnov, home to the Visitor Center where you can find a great deal of maps of the region as well as tourist information.

Don’t Omit the Hluboka Castle

If you want your holiday in the Czech Republic to be excellent then you must visit this castle as well. Hluboka Castle is said to be the most beautiful castle in this country. It was constructed in the 1660s on the site of an older 13th-century fortress. Highlights of a visit here include its fine interior woodwork, its huge hedge mazes & lush foliage, and also its incredibly beautiful furnishings. Hluboka Castle also houses an amazing collection of art, including several pieces by leading Czech artists.

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