Best Bars and Pubs in Prague

Christmas is nearly here and if you have decided to visit Prague then we will show you where to warm up and have a drink with your friends. Here are some of the best bars and pubs in the beautiful city of Prague.

Hemingway Bar

Hemingway is one of the most popular bars in Prague. It is located in a very nice area of the city, between the Charles Bridge and the National Theatre. You will not be able to get past the host at the door if there are no seats available. That’s why it is essential to book your table in advance. The interior of the Hemingway Bar is absolutely charming and we are pretty sure you will feel cozy and ultra comfortable at all times. There are several tiny knee-level tables and the walls are decorated with all sort of portraits. In addition to cocktail offerings, the menu here includes beside the drinks some house rules as well such as: don’t speak loud and don’t use your computer. Even though these rules might seem weird for many people, they are actually excellent as they will make you enjoy to the fullest your time spent here without any other distraction.

Gastropub 20PIP

This two-story pub is the right place in Prague to enjoy a traditional Czech meal and also have a drink with your friends. The menu from here includes delicious chicken and beef dishes, and also sweet or savoury waffle combinations. The staff from Gastropub 20PIP is extremely welcoming and professional, and the serving quite fast. In case you are wondering what ”20PIP” in the name actually means, then you must know that it refers to the extensive number of taps pouring local microbrews. All in all, this pub in Prague is one of the places where you need to stop if visiting this amazing city.


If you are looking for an intimate location where you can enjoy an old wine with your partner then we highly recommend you Vinograf, a locally-focused wine shop and bar. There are basically three Vinograf’s locations across the city, and in any of them we are sure that you will have a great time. The interior is very welcoming and with a pleasant atmosphere. If you are visiting Prague alone, then in order to not feel lonely and have lots of fun here, then you should look for an escort. In this metropolitan city, you can easily hire an escort :¬† and invite her to a restaurant, bar, or hotel. Most of these girls are very smart, chatty, and funny, and you can be sure that you will not get bored absolutely at all.

Beer Geek

In case you love beer and you are in Prague, then you must definitely book a table at Beer Geek. The selection here is usually at least two-thirds Czech microbrews. The bartenders are happy to serve you with any of the approximately 20 choices. This is not everything because there is also a short menu offering among other things and several ideal side dish for beer such as chicken wings.

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